EduClips: Audit Slams NYC Schools On Grade Fixing; More Than 1 Million People Worldwide Join ‘March For Our Lives’ To Push For Gun Control — And More Must-Reads From America’s 15 Biggest School Districts

EduClips: Audit Slams NYC Schools on Grade Fixing; More Than 1 Million People Worldwide Join ‘March for Our Lives’ to Push for Gun Control — and More Must-Reads From America’s 15 Biggest School Districts

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Top Story

MARCH FOR OUR LIVES — On Saturday, an estimated 800,000 protesters gathered in Washington, D.C., between Capitol Hill and the White House for the March for Our Lives event. Led by students from Stoneman Douglas High School, this colossal effort aimed to advocate for gun control legislation, making it one of the largest youth protests in the United States since the Vietnam War era. It also marked the biggest single-day demonstration in the history of Washington. Additionally, more than 800 sister rallies took place across the nation and around the world, with millions of people showing their support from Paris to Tokyo.

The United States has the highest rates of gun violence among developed countries. Since the infamous Columbine massacre in 1999, over 187,000 students from 193 K-12 schools have endured campus shootings, according to an analysis by The Washington Post. During the same time frame, an average of 10 school shootings occurred each year. Unfortunately, 2018 has already witnessed 11 school shootings in just the first three months, potentially making it one of the worst years in terms of school violence in history.

National News

SCHOOL SAFETY — The School Safety Commission led by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos will convene on March 28. However, there is skepticism regarding the composition of the commission. (Read more at Politics K-12)

MARCH — In solidarity with the March for Our Lives movement, teachers offered their students lessons that supported the cause. (Read more at The Washington Post)

DEVOS — A tense relationship between Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and the GOP Congress reflects a common occurrence in Washington, D.C. politics. (Read more at Politics K-12)

MARCH — #MarchForOurLives: A compilation of 51 impactful images that made the march against gun violence a significant social media event. (Read more at

District and State News

NEW YORK — An audit criticizes New York City for the aftermath of a grade-fixing scandal. (Read more at New York Post)

FLORIDA — Two organizations have applied to become Florida’s first "Schools of Hope" providers. (Read more at Tampa Bay Times)

CALIFORNIA — Tens of thousands of people gathered in downtown Los Angeles for the March for Our Lives rally. (Read more at Los Angeles Times)

FLORIDA — Governor Rick Scott engages with concerned and angry Floridians following the Parkland shooting. (Read more at Miami Herald)

TEXAS — High school students in Texas organize a "Day of Unity" event that brings together Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Joaquin Castro. (Read more at Texas Tribune)

NEW YORK — Carmen Fariña, despite retiring from her position, continues to work on projects aimed at improving shared space in New York City schools. (Read more at Chalkbeat)

NEVADA — A struggling charter school in Northern Nevada will be closing its doors. (Read more at Las Vegas Review-Journal)

CALIFORNIA — An opinion piece discusses California’s ill-fated plan to resolve an impending education crisis. (Read more at Mercury News)

TEXAS — An editorial criticizes Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s controversial stances on issues affecting teachers. (Read more at Houston Chronicle)

Think Pieces

RACE — A comprehensive study reveals that race, not just poverty, plays a significant role in determining graduation rates in America. (Read more at Chalkbeat)

COST OF EDUCATION — Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to bring all students up to the national average? This article explores the potential cost. (Read more at Hechinger Report)

STRIKING TEACHERS — When professionals such as teachers go on strike, there is much more at stake than just money. (Read more at The New York Times)

TEACHER TURNOVER — This opinion piece delves into the nationwide shortage of educators and highlights the efforts of two teachers in Arizona who are making a difference. (Read more at

APPLE — What does Apple need to do to once again become a leader in the education sector? (Read more at USA Today)

ED TECH — School districts often struggle to secure advantageous deals when it comes to purchasing educational technology. This article examines the challenges faced by districts. (Read more at Hechinger Report)

MATH — A new approach to tackling math phobia involves directly confronting the fear associated with the subject. (Read more at The Washington Post)

Quote of the Day

“Six minutes and about 20 seconds. In a little over six minutes, 17 of our friends were taken from us.” — Emma Gonzalez, survivor of the Parkland shooting, speaking at the March for Our Lives event and observing a moment of silence for the victims. (Read more at

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